When looking for a new home there are often overloading lists of things that you need to be on the lookout for. Some find themselves scrambling when taking on the burdensome task of finding the perfect home. At Charles Burt, we have been in the home business for over 50 years. We have seen a lot in these years and have gained the knowledge and experience you need when looking for the right home.

A Good Real Estate Agent

When looking to buy a home the first step can be quite simple. Find a good real estate agent. Making this first step can create an enjoyable experience as you start the search for your new home. Here at Charles Burt, we have experienced real estate agents that are committed to giving you the best experience possible when finding a new home. Established in Joplin, Missouri in 1962, Charles Burt Realtors is a locally owned and non-franchised real estate brokerage firm. We’ve always stuck to our principles of providing the best service possible. We don’t pressure you to buy or make the sale. We don’t leave you in the dark. Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, or building a home – we want you to have the best experience possible.

Location Location Location

You have probably heard it before, the location is quite possibly the most important thing to consider when looking for a new home. As they say, location, location, location. It’s true, the location of your home not only has an effect on your commute to work but your everyday home living. Our real estate agents know the areas of Joplin, Carthage, and Neosho well. We not only work here, but we also live here. We will help you take into consideration the details of the location you are wanting and give our advice on the best location for you and your family.

A Space That Fits

Finding the right space for your and your family’s needs is essential. You want a space you will fit in and a space that will also fit you. Some things to take into consideration for a home that will fit you are, your budget for taxes and cost of living, the size of home you need, the style of home that suits you, and the nearby schools.

Contact Us

Are you thinking of moving? To help you find the perfect home, we’ve created a unique relocation service to make the moving process simple and painless, while saving you money. Selling your house? We’ll make sure you get the best value. Looking to build a new home? Molandco, our home construction division, has the area’s most talented staff who have designed and built some of the area’s most distinctive homes. Molandco has become the leading custom builder in the area over the last 25 years. With Charles Burt Realtors you never have to settle for second best. Contact us today, we are ready to help you!