Selling your home is a major life choice that involves what is most likely your most important asset. Asking yourself if you’re ready to sell your home is an important question, but how do you know it’s time to maximize your return on that very important investment?

Unlike buying and selling stock, your home holds a huge amount of sentimential value, so there’s much more than buying low and selling high to consider during the homebuying process. Below you’ll find a few of the telltale signs that it’s time to start looking for your next home.

You’ve Seen Strong Home Price Growth in Your Area

Have you noticed a steady trend of housing prices rise in your area? Selling it at the opportune moment can greatly increase your chances of gaining more from your investment.

A few signs that this is occuring in your area: homes in your neighborhood stay on the market for less time, the price per square foot for real estate in your area is increasing, or you’ve noticed an increase in broker activity in your area.

Paying Your Monthly Mortgage Feels Like a Stretch

Not everyone sells their home in order to beef up their wallets. Some homeowners come to a point where their ongoing housing costs are unsustainable. If your property taxes or mortgage has become a financial stressor to your family, the best course of action may be to sell your home and find another that’s more affordable.

Your Family Doesn’t Fit Your Current Home

One of the main reasons why people sell their home is that they’ve simply outgrown their space. The starter home you moved into may not be the house you need now that you have children and a dog, or maybe your children have moved off to college and you’re looking to downsize.

Whatever the reason, you should find out what your current home is worth, and crunch the numbers to make sure you can afford your next home.

Looking To Sell? Contact Charles Burt Realtors

Deciding whether to sell sooner rather than later is a compromise between your beloved memories and the numbers game.

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