Recruiting Winning Realtors

Both Experienced Realtors & Rookie Realtors

Vision & Values

Our basic vision and values have endured intact since Charles and Rosalie Burt founded the company in 1962. We are in the business to provide excellent real estate customer and client service. All of our actions are measured by our success in achieving this goal. The Carthage office is one of three area Charles Burt Realtor offices.

Our Goal Regarding Realtors

Veteran Realtors

Selection, recruitment and retention of successful experienced Realtors, who want to make as much money as possible! While providing value and quality real estate service to their clients! We provide support and a mentor program for those experienced Realtors who want to reach the next level in their production and income.

Rookie Realtors

Selection and recruitment of rookie Realtors recently licensed who want to join a winning team! Our company provides the necessary support, training and tools to be successful! We have developed a 4 week business start up system for the rookie. This 4 week system will help jump start your new career in real estate.

Commission Plan(s)

We have the most competitive commission plans in SW Missouri! If you are a successful experienced Realtor and know a change is right for your continued success, but are reluctant because of your current listings, or possible down time during the change over, which could possibly result in a temporary loss of business! You need to call Sandy Wells today @ (417) 358-6088 and set up an appointment to discuss your concerns as well as a possible career with Charles Burt Homefolks of Carthage, Missouri.

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