When it comes to Missouri heat, you’ll want to trust us when we say, “make sure your home is prepared for the warm weather!” We have listed five simple steps you can take to get your home ready for the heat it is about to endure. Be sure to check to make sure these things are working properly in your home today.

Are Your Windows Properly Sealed?

Let’s talk about recaulking those windows! Just like it is important to keep cold air out during the winter, it’s just as important to keep that hot air out during the summer. We advise you to go around your home and make sure that all your windows are sealed properly. If they aren’t, start recaulking those windows today! The summer heat is coming, and you won’t want to wait until it’s officially here to do this step.

Make Sure Your Fans Are Moving In The Right Direction

Now you’ll want to go around your home and switch those fan blades to move counterclockwise. This will make sure that the air circulating in your home is pushing the air downward and out. Don’t wait until halfway through the summer to realize your fan has been pushing all the cold air up and out of your home. Every last breeze of chilled air is vital to get you through the Missouri humidity, so don’t throw it away.

Move Anything That Could Be Blocking Your Vents

When was the last time you cleaned your vents or made sure that furniture or other home decor wasn’t trapping the air from flowing throughout your home? You’ll want to run around your home and make sure that there is absolutely nothing blocking your vents from producing adequate airflow. While you are at it, you may want to give your vent covers a good cleaning, so that you can ensure that the air flowing throughout your home isn’t mixed with dust and other unwanted particles.

Be Sure To Check Your HVAC Unit

Next time, kick on the air conditioning and make sure it’s working. This is probably the most important step-up of this summer home preparation guide. If you find that it isn’t working properly, you’ll want to make arrangements with your HVAC company to help you out. These companies are slammed over the summer, so the sooner you can test out your air conditioning the better!

Bring Those Plants Inside

You just spent all this money during the Springtime on those plants to make your curb appeal HGTV approved. But let’s face it! Plants are expensive and if they are plants that can’t survive the summer heat, you may want to consider bringing them in sooner than later.

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