The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up nearly every industry in America and abroad. From lockdowns to unstable stock markets, many Americans are out of a job. However, for those looking to brave the volatile housing market, now might be a good time for Millenials and first-time homebuyers to start house hunting.

Although the housing market has overall seen fewer numbers of homes sold during the pandemic, housing prices have held quite stable. While the lower inventory of homes for sale during the pandemic proves to be a hurdle for those looking to sell their home, first-time home buyers could be presented with an interesting option.

Whether it’s rising unemployment that’s made it harder for many to pay rent, an aversion to living in crowded cities during a pandemic, or the fact that our new work-from-home culture means young professionals no longer have to live so close to where they work, Millenials are trending towards a cheaper, more suburban lifestyle.

The bottom line? If you find a home that’s right for you, you have a bit of job security, and you can lock in a historically-low interest rate, buying a home (even during the pandemic) may be a good choice for you.

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