For many homeowners, selling a home can be a headache under relatively normal circumstances. Throw in a pandemic – well, that may be cause for a major home selling headache.

But so far during the COVID-19 crisis, home prices have continued to rise (which is obviously great news for the seller)! Yet selling a home during the coronavirus pandemic is new for everyone, so we’ve gathered up some tips on how to continue working on selling your home during these uncertain times.

Try Out Virtual Showings

Some sellers may be willing to push off any firm deadlines until we receive more guidance from local and national government officials. Other sellers may still need to sell now. Virtual showings are a great way to continue to the selling process and attracting potential buyers while following social distancing guidelines.

Eye-catching photos and videos have long been an effective way in attracting buyers, but now that’s more important than ever. Virtual home tours offering the additional perk of reducing the number of in-person visits. The more detail your video tour can show, the better.

Taking Extra Precautions During In-Person Showings

Open houses with large groups of people are mostly canceled for now, but many buyers still want to view a home in person before making an offer. Sellers, however, may worry about having strangers in their homes. So, in places where face-to-face showings are still happening, real estate agents are taking some extra steps to protect homeowners and only allowing them in on a case-by-case basis.

Potential buyers must first have taken a look at the virtual tour, and loan pre-approval letters are strongly encouraged.

So, Should You Go Ahead And Sell a Home During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Whether it’s the right time to buy or sell a home right now will depend on your situation. While some people may be able to wait it out, others may be relocating for a new job or may be eager to sell to downsize and cut costs where they can. If you’re concerned about your finances, uncertain about the future or experiencing job loss or cut hours, you may want to consider postponing.

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