Do you have rental property in the Four State area? Are you looking for consistent and reliable management of your rental property? Charles Burt Property Management Division has the capability and expertise to effectively manage your rental properties.

We manage and rent all types of commercial & residential properties from single-family homes to multiple units such as duplexes, townhouses, and apartments.

Improve Quality of Life

Buying, renting and moving can be one of the most difficult and confusing things people have to do in life. Providing tenants with good property management greatly increases their quality of life. A tenant who knows that you are available and can meet their needs are free of worry and can turn their attention to other things. Family growth or personal career often excel when people aren’t worried about their living situation and this often makes them happy to give you a good price.

Your rental property is your livelihood, so you’ll want to take the proper steps to make sure you’re hiring the best manager to oversee it. Hiring the wrong person can lead to increased vacancies and lost rent.

You wouldn’t rent your property without screening the tenant first, and you should be just as thorough in choosing your property manager.

Great Management = Great ROI

If you have been having problems with your landlord or unit owners have been complaining- you might want to take a closer look at your manager. Do they maintain open lines of communication?

Our Charles Burt Property Management team is the go-between for everybody associated with your rental property. Effective property managers need to be good interpreters, and show diplomacy: listening, understanding, and translating messages between various parties. Our team of property managers is able to listen and communicate, as well as be proactive and involved, current and knowledgeable. Our team is levelheaded and resourceful, personable, but articulate.

We have a commitment to maximizing the long-term profitability for our owners, and more money for you, while maintaining quality housing for our tenants, happy renters!

Increase Safety for Tenants

When you have a reliable management team for your property you can breathe easier knowing your proper and tenants are in good hands!

Having proper management ensures the safety of your property AND your tenants. The Charles Burt Property Management team is responsible for application screening and preventing the securing of a lease by the wrong tenants. Our team is tasked with protecting your tenants from crime and other potential hazards. At CB Property Management we screen every tenant for the property owner to ensure their property is in safe hands.

Finding a property manager you trust can be difficult – but thanks to the Charles Burt Realty team, it’s not impossible!

For more information about our property management services please come by our offices at 2300 East 7th Street Joplin, MO 64801 or call (417) 782-6677 for more information.