You have probably always heard that it is best to start your house-hunt during the warmer, summer months, however, this isn’t always the case and could actually be stopping you from receiving a great deal on a house that would be the perfect fit for you and your family. We’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why we think you should actually begin your house search sooner than you planned.

The Owner May Have A Selling Urgency

If the home you are interested in has been listed during the winter months, you can almost bet that the seller is in a sort of urgency to sell their home. You have to be willing to get out and house-hunt in the cold, but it may pay off well in the end because you may get the deal you were hoping for.

Showings Are Easier To Schedule

With so many people home during the winter months, especially during Covid-19, it can be easier to schedule showings because the seller’s schedule may be more flexible. Some agents also offer virtual showings that make it that much easier to view a home without even having to get out in the cold. This is great for days when the roads are icy, and you’re already at home doing a little house-hunting. We recommend speaking with your agent to see if and when the virtual showings are available.

The Marketing Is Less Competitive

During the winter months, many individuals would rather stay put and not try to move. If you are someone, however, who doesn’t mind moving in the cold weather, this is a great benefit to house-hunting during this time. Your competition is limited and you most likely won’t have to worry about being outbid on the house you are interested in. We recommend evaluating your home options and putting in a reasonable offer for the home you love. If you aren’t sure what your offer should be, speak with your agents, and they will help you figure out the best price for the value of the home.

Realtors Have More Time

Last but not least, the winter months free up time for Real Estate Agents to be able to spend a little more quality time with each of their clients. This means that they will be more focused on finding the right home for you, and not you and several other people. This will help you be able to move through the buying process much quicker and will speed up the move-in process entirely.

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