As you know, homing buying can look a bit different depending on the location and the time in which you intend to purchase a home. If you are used to buying homes in big cities, you may not be familiar with real estate transactions in small towns. We have compiled a list of tips that will hopefully ease your transition into a small-town dwelling.

Visit Your Local Real Estate Office.

Small towns can sometimes operate in varied ways when it comes to home listings. Often times, news moves faster in these areas which results in homes being bought and sold before they are even properly listed on the MLS. This is why we recommend stopping by your local real estate office. When you visit, the agents will be prepared to answer the questions you have and also be able to show you all the homes that fit your budget and goals. You won’t even have to worry about not having access to all the homes for sale in the area because your agents should have all the inside scoop to share with you when it comes to homes that are just freshly vacant.

Check Out The Neighborhood Before Purchasing.

Another tip we feel is important to your small town homing buying experience is to observe the neighborhood you will be moving into before signing papers on the home. It never hurts to get out and walk around the area to see if it is a good fit. Ask the neighbors what life in that area looks like on a day-to-day basis. By following this step, you will not only feel better about your purchase but you will have also painted yourself in a good light when it comes to your relationship with your neighbors. Let’s face it. In established neighborhoods, the neighbors aren’t always proactive in meeting the new family on the block. You can rest assured knowing that you are off to a great start in your new town.

Lower Offers Are Typically Welcome.

When it comes to small towns, it can be quite difficult for real estate agents and homeowners to price homes because they don’t have as wide of a market of comparable homes to base prices off of.  Often times, we find that they tend to price homes higher and hope for the best outcome. With that being said, as the buyer, don’t hesitate to make a reasonable offer that is lower than the asking price with particular homes in smaller towns. In most cases, there is room allowed for you to do this without risking your chances of losing the home because the competition is usually lower. For example, it isn’t unusual to see a home listed at $150,000 with a buying offer at $120,000.

Contact Charles Burt

By following the tips above, you will be on your way to owning your small town home before you know it. As always, contact our real estate agency serving the Joplin, Carl Junction, and Carthage area at for more information about the current Missouri housing market.